Best Gore Is No Longer Active

Best Gore was the place to be for 12 years. If you missed it, you've missed out. I've gone to pursue different goals. If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email me: bestgore [at]

— Mark

Please note that I get a lot of emails. I also don't spend nearly as much time on the internet as before. If I don't reply to you, that's probably why. But I do reply to all serious enquiries and emails with personal feel to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Were You Forced to Shut the Website Down or Quit on Your Own?

I quit the website on my own.

Why Did You Quit Best Gore?

I needed to refocus on things that matter in life, especially my health and family, both of which I neglected to run the site.

Is There Anywhere to Still See the Old BG Content?

I put some content up on LBRY, but they since switched over to Odysee which does not permit the viewing of mature videos, blocks account access via Tor, filters search results to push the desired narrative, sandbags forever channels that don't fit the agenda, and basically fits every textbook example of a perfect Controlled Opposition. However I understand there is an app of sorts still linked to LBRY and it allows the viewing of mature videos, so this my be the way, though I've never used it.

Is There Another Similar Site You Post On?

I am no longer involved with any site like BG was. From time to time I post a video on the internet from my wanders in nature and the such, but it's nothing too major. I'm sure wannabe BG copycats must have popped up someplace, but I don't follow the scene anymore so I don't know.

Can You Recommend a Similar Site?

I honestly do not peruse any similar sites at all. I've refocused on completely new things. As such, I don't know what other sites there are and if they're worth your time.

Do You Take Bitcoin?