German Father Kills 3 Year Old Son with Chainsaw, Then Kills Himself

These pictures leaked shortly after I was Canadianed, and never got posted because of it. Even though it’s 3 years old news by now, it deserves its spot on the pages of Best Gore so here goes: A 24 year old German man from Linz in Rhineland-Palatinate was gong through a bitter custody dispute with … Continue reading “German Father Kills 3 Year Old Son with Chainsaw, Then Kills Himself”

Leg Scratched by Chainsaw

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @oopslol, whose chainsaw went after his leg, but he was able to get it away before it could do worse damage: This happened when I was working on my back yard. I was cutting some tree branches in a hurry … Continue reading “Leg Scratched by Chainsaw”

Human Corpse Dismembered with Chainsaw in Venezuela

In Tumeremo, the capital of the General Antonio Domingo Sifontes municipality in the state of Bolivar, Venezuela, a group of 17 miners went missing. Their bloodied shoes, clothes and wallets were found on a remote dirt road. Later, a video depicting dismemberment of a corpse with a chainsaw was leaked. The victim is believed to … Continue reading “Human Corpse Dismembered with Chainsaw in Venezuela”

Chainsaw to the Face

Hey guys, Obli here once again. Today I ave a nasty injury delivered to a mouth, courtesy of a chainsaw. If you ever wanted to know what these beasts can do without even going Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, you can see it now as this guy was just nicked by the blade. Alternate title; “Herpes – … Continue reading “Chainsaw to the Face”

Chainsaw Wounds to Forearm

This Best Gore exclusive photo was sent in by Best Gore member KingSweeney who called it “when chainsaws attack”: The accident happened on the 10th of October 2013. My uncle was working on cutting branches and the chainsaw came back at him due to a branch that broke. Had to put up hand to stop … Continue reading “Chainsaw Wounds to Forearm”

Man Cut in Half and Dismembered with a Chainsaw in Chile

All I was told about these photos is that the victim was cut in half and dismembered with a chainsaw and that it allegedly happened in Chile. The photos were taken in a morgue as the corpse was being readied for an autopsy. I don’t have any further info beyond that, if correct at all. … Continue reading “Man Cut in Half and Dismembered with a Chainsaw in Chile”

Chainsaw to the Face

What kind of gross incompetence can lead to a chainsaw getting embedded in a guy’s face? Unless the victim slipped and fell face first on a running chainsaw, there’s some serious rethinking of competences to do. Good thing about this – if the pic is real, the wound is gonna leave a sick facial scar … Continue reading “Chainsaw to the Face”

Victims of Mexican Chainsaw Massacre Deposited in a Street

Chainsaw appears to have become the favorite execution tool of the Mexican drug cartels. While the infamous Chainsaw Beheading of Sinaloa Members remains one of the most notorious videos from Mexico, it is hardly the only one in which chainsaw played a main role. Most Mexican Chainsaw Massacres don’t make it out in a way … Continue reading “Victims of Mexican Chainsaw Massacre Deposited in a Street”

Mexican Chainsaw Beheading Used in Anti Assad Propaganda

LOL, you have got to see this quick cause that is just uber precious to miss. Fake Syrian Army, the Zionists’ paid movie studio collecting fat paychecks in exchange for production of propaganda videos used to brainwash the sheep into believing that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is a bad guy has pushed their stupidity to … Continue reading “Mexican Chainsaw Beheading Used in Anti Assad Propaganda”

Magician Accidentally Decapitates Assistant with Chainsaw

The video has English commentary which explains everything. During his magic trick involving an illusion in which the amateur magician cuts up his assistant with a chainsaw, the assistant got stuck and was unable to slid out of the box she was in safely. She was trying to signal the magician but because of noise … Continue reading “Magician Accidentally Decapitates Assistant with Chainsaw”